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After the APA 7 version, some changes were made. You can see the main changes with examples below. You can also download the PDF version: APA 7 REFERENCE

Citing basic sources in APA 7

Article citation in APA 7

In-text: (Aktay, 2017) or Aktay (2017)

Aktay, S. (2017). How to organize a symposium: tracking digital footprints. Turkish Studies, 12(21), 1-14. http://dx.doi.org/10.7827/turkishstudies.12301

“Please remove http… if DOI is not available”.

Book citation in APA 7

In-text: (Pallant, 2003)

Pallant, J. (2011). Survival manual. A step by step guide to data analysis using SPSS. McGraw Hill.

“Please add DOI URL at the end if it is available”.

Book Chapter citation in APA 7

Aktay, S. (2015). Teaching Science with technology. In S. S. Anagun & N. Duban (Eds.), Teaching science (pp. 425-454). Ani Publishing.

Website citation in APA 7

Jackson, K. (2020, August 24). 5 Reasons Why Technology is Important in Education. Helpsystems. https://www.helpsystems.com/intermapper/resources/articles/5-reasons-technology-education

“(n.d.) if the date is not available”.

Conference Paper citation in APA 7

Aktay, S. (2017, May 24-26). Combining Power Of Smartphones / Tablets With Data Shows [Paper presentation]. 3rd International Limitless Education and Research Symposium, Mugla, Turkey.