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Analysis of Classroom Teachers' Knowledge on Technological Pedagogical Field

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The object of this research is to determine the knowledge of the teachers about the technological pedagogical field. Mixed research method is used in the study. Quantitative data were collected with the "Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge Scale" developed by Schmidt et al. (2009) and adapted to Turkish by Öztürk and Horzum (2011). Qualitative data, on the other hand, were collected using a semi-structured interview technique. The scale was applied to 581 participants using easily accessible situation sampling method. Semi-structured interview form was applied to 18 remaining participants. Considering the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPCK) levels of classroom teachers, the results of the study show that teachers are observed to have the level of “I agree completely” in the Pedagogical Knowledge sub-scale, and the level of “I agree” on the other sub-scales. In the study, teachers stated that they used technology in their lessons. The teachers emphasized that they add technological media such as educational sites and Web 2 tools to their lessons for the purposes of attracting attention, learning by fun, evaluation and concretion. It was observed that teachers used technology in many lessons, especially in Turkish and mathematics. Keywords: Classroom teacher, technological pedagogical content knowledge, mixed method