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Assessing the Impact of Integrating Information and Communication Technology on Senior High School Students’ Achievement in Genetics

Ebenezer Yeboah OWUSU, Joel Azuure ADONGO, Emmanuel Boateng AGYARE, Kwaku APPİAH-KUBİ Download Article PDF

The use of digital technologies in teaching and learning has proven to be effective in aiding students’ understanding of difficult concepts. Hence this study sought to find the effectiveness of ICT in teaching concepts of genetics which have been indicated as one of the biology concepts Ghanaian senior high school students find challenging. The study used two groups: the experimental group and the control group. The instrument used for data collection is an achievement test. A pre-test was administered to both groups to ascertain their level of achievement. The groups were then taught genetics, followed by the post-test. The experimental group was taught using ICT tools, while the control group was taught using the traditional teaching method. The research findings revealed that students taught using ICT performed better than those taught by the traditional teaching method. Based on the findings, it was concluded that using ICT tools in teaching genetics could serve as an appropriate means for teaching genetics since it aided in improving students’ understanding of genetic concepts. Hence, it is recommended that teachers adopt ICT in their teaching methods rather than the traditional method. Also, school leaders and policymakers should also provide the needed support systems to enhance ICT integration practices.

Keywords: Genetics, Senior high school, ICT integration, Technology in education, Students achievement