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Augmented Reality Experiences of Preservice Classroom Teachers in Science Teaching

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Using technology in the learning and teaching process enables students to learn effectively and meaningfully. Augmented reality, one of the applications used in education, can meet students' needs in the learning process. Especially in science lessons, augmented reality enables students to understand the nature of science. It is important to have teachers who can reflect technology to learning environments effectively and efficiently. In line with this purpose, preservice classroom teachers were asked to create lesson plans for 3rd- and 4th-grade science topics and gains using the augmented reality application. The researcher prepared a structured interview form to collect preservice teachers' experiences in creating augmented reality products and determining their opinions on using this science teaching application. The interviews were analyzed using the descriptive analysis technique. As a result, preservice teachers stated that both science lessons and other lessons should include the augmented reality application; the application draws attention to the subject as it is fun, interesting, and intriguing, thus providing meaningful learning. Preservice teachers stated that they would benefit from augmented reality applications in their professional lives, augmented reality will be effective in science teaching. They realized the importance of using technology in science lessons with these applications.