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Covid 19: Stress Management among Students and its Impact on Their Effective Learning

Hena YASMIN, Salman KHALİL, Ramsha MAZHAR Download Article PDF

In today’s date stress has been an integral part of life because there are many things which act as a stress catalyser. Covid-19 has caused significant distress around the globe. It is not limited to adults only, but stress is increasingly affecting children of all age group. Proper management of stress is really very difficult as parents don’t have enough time to properly look after their children. Generally, people have a common mind-set that stress is only caused by a sad happening, but the truth is that stress can occur through a good experience as well. As far as stress for students are concerned, there are plenty of reasons which can cause stress in a student’s life, some of these are; mismatch between the student and the teacher which can raise tension and cause stress. Lack of much family attention has also been a reason why it attacks to all students. Children generally don’t take care of their eating habits as a result of which they are more prone towards to stress. In addition to that the other reason of stress is insufficient sleep is a common cause and students all across the world are getting affected by stress because of it. Stress management among students is a hit-or-miss matter. In order to tackle the horrible matter most of the educational institute schedule optional stress management classes, but students often lack the time to attend. An attempt is done through this paper to know the impact of stress among students and the necessity of managing it in order to make the learning effective.

Keywords: Stress Management, Health, COVID-19, Stress level, pandemic