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Dealing with Cheating in Online Exams: A Systematic Review of Proctored and Non-Proctored Exams

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With the effect of the pandemic, higher education is maintained all over the world with the help of online education methods. How to make online exams, which are an important part of distance education processes, in a way to prevent cheating and illegal behavior is an important issue that brings with it discussions. This research, in which the solutions to this issue were discussed theoretically, evaluated in terms of educational sciences, and the studies carried out in this context were examined, was carried out in the form of a systematic review. Within the scope of the research, the data of 15 studies were evaluated. The findings of the research were evaluated in a way that will reveal the trends in this subject, the results of the researches and compare the proctored exams and unproctored exams. Based on the findings, it has been determined that the proctored exam application, in which various technology-based authentication and supervision methods are used in online education processes, is beneficial to use these methods with the same technological opportunities to prevent cheating. It can be said that these efforts can be effective for assessment and evaluation processes, and unproctored applications can be used in online education in various ways.