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Developing the 3D Virtual Reality Environment to be used in the School Adaptation Process of Immigrant Students and Examining its Effectiveness

İbrahim ÖZKAL, Kerem KILIÇER Download Article PDF

The purpose of this study was to develop a 3D virtual reality environment and to examine its effectiveness in order to facilitate the adaptation and integration of immigrant students into school. In the study, which was carried out in two stages, the design-based research method and the mixed research method were used, respectively. In the study conducted with eight immigrants and eight Turkish students studying at the 5th-grade level, first of all, the 3D virtual reality environment was developed, and in the next part, the effectiveness of the 3D virtual reality environment was evaluated. During the eight-week design-based research process, various activities were designed regarding the subjects of basic Turkish concepts (introduction expressions, school objects, colours, numbers, etc.), the physical structure of the school, school staff, school and classroom rules that immigrant students needed in their adaptation to school, and a 3D virtual model of the school they attended was created. In the second stage of the study, the 3D virtual reality environment developed was applied to the immigrants and Turkish students for four weeks, and its effectiveness was tested. The results revealed that the attitudes of the immigrant students using the3D virtual reality environment towards school changed positively and that the 3D virtual reality environment increased their love for the school and helped them know the school and learn Turkish. Although the 3D virtual reality environment used caused negative feelings such as nausea and dizziness in the immigrant students and Turkish students, it was seen that it had a positive effect on the development of positive emotions such as friendship bonds, love, confidence and happiness. It was found that the immigrant students performed all the performance criteria in the application process at a good level and that there was a significant positive difference in their academic achievement scores before and after the application.

Keywords: 3D Virtual Reality Environment, Immigrants and Education, Immigrant Students, Adaptation to Schooll