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Digital Applications in Education and Its Effects Meta Analysis Study

Agah Tugrul KORUCU, Kadir KABAK Download Article PDF

There are many academic studies in the literature examining educational digital applications. These studies documented the positive effects of practices on attitudes and academic achievement. Information technologies which have become a part of our lives have taken their place in our education system and contributed to education system in many ways. Modern educational environments have benefited from information technology devices in terms of raising human profile in accordance with 21st century skills and many academic studies have been carried out covering different courses, different levels and different purposes in line with the effectiveness of these devices. This situation brought out the need to create a perspective by gathering the works under common themes. In our study, 33 study that took place between the years 2013 to 2019 in different regions from Turkey in this direction has been selected. These studies were evaluated in 8 different themes and 20 subconcepts. The effects of educational digital applications on academic achievement, scientific process skills and attitudes of students are positive. From time to time, the effect of gender was observed on perceptions and attitudes. In-school and out-of-school activities are effective in acquiring 21st century skills. In some studies, limitations such as physical space, time and cost hindered the realization of activities and sometimes it was a negative situation that the trainers did not have the necessary training formation and felt inadequate for these activities. Existing curricula, which are shaped within the framework of knowledge-based examination system, were also seen as another limiting factor. At the end of the research, suggestions were made for the effective use of educational digital applications in the education system.

Keywords: : Educational Digital Games, Computer Assisted Instruction, Educational Mobile Game, Innovative Applications