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Examination of Online Teaching Effectiveness in Terms of Various Variables

Metin ASCİ, Remzi YILDIRIM, Temel TOPAL Download Article PDF

Online teaching or distance learning applications in education process getting more importance day by day. Especially like as happens as nowadays – during the pandemics, online teaching education becomes more important meaning to continue the education. As happens in face – to – face education, the most important elements of the education process are teachers. It can be said that their attitudes and capabilities in running the classes become decisive on the achievement of the education process. With this study teacher candidates’ evaluation is tried to be examined by an online teaching effectiveness scale. In twelve items within four dimensions, named as presence, expertise, facilitation and engagement, the subject of the study has been studied. The study has been applied in Giresun University and the data has been collected from the Faculty of Education with the attendance of 446 teacher candidates from six departments. The data hasn’t shown normal distribution and non – parametric analyzes has been used in the study. During the analyzes of the data, descriptive statistics has been explained with arithmetic means, minimum, maximum and standard deviation values. Also, Mann Whitney U Test and Kruskal Wallis Test have been used for searching the meaningful differs according to genders, departments and class levels. According to the descriptive statistics high points about online teaching effectiveness have been seen. According to genders and departments no meaningful differs can be found. But according to the class levels meaningful differs have been found in favor of the lower classes.