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Examining of Pre-service History Teachers' Views on Pedagogical Formation Training Program

Kamil UYGUN, Mehmet ORAN Download Article PDF

This study aims to reveal the opinions of pre-service teachers who study in history department of Uşak University Faculty of Science and Letters about pedagogical formation education. In the research, the design of the phenomenological research was used in the design of the qualitative research method. In the analysis of the data, descriptive analysis method, which is one of the qualitative data analyzes, was used. While selecting the sample of the study, one of the purposeful sampling methods was used. Within the scope of the research, semi-structured interview forms were applied to 20 preservice teachers. The answers of the teacher candidates to the questions were transferred to Word file on computer. The views were read several times and the data processed. In the analysis of the data, the answers were first collected in 41 codes, and then these codes were associated with each other and this number was reduced to 17. Some of these codes are: Being a teacher, self-development, family pressure, gaining knowledge and experience, effective communication, attitudes of faculty members, shortage of time, content of courses, and lack of materials. Related codes and themes have been created. Direct quotations were made for thematic views. Interrelated codes and themes were created. Direct quotations were made for opinions on the theme. Pre-service teachers' opinions about the reasons for applying to pedagogical formation education are focused on being a teacher and developing oneself. At the end of the research, the preservice teachers stated that pedagogical formation education is useful and should be continued.

Keywords: Pedagogical formation, pre-service teachers, department of history