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Implementation of the Digital Assessment Tool ‘Kahoot!’ in Elementary School

Halise Sibel ÇETİN Download Article PDF

The purpose of this study was to investigate the usability of the Kahoot!, the digital assessment tool, in elementary schools. With this respect, the participants were selected by using the simple random sampling method. 23 students and 1 teacher in state elementary school in Muğla in Turkey participated in the study in the spring term of the 2017-2018 academic year. The Kahoot! was implemented in the social studies class for 4 weeks. It was a qualitative and quantitative study. The survey technique was used to collect data and the data were analyzed by using the descriptive analysis technique. The results of the study indicated that the students thought the Kahoot! was enjoyable, informative, useful, perfect and fine. The students also rated the difficulty level in using the Kahoot! application as ‘Not difficult’, ‘A Little Difficult’ and ‘Difficult’. These challenges were the difficulties in reaching the Kahoot! website, the problems about the internet connection, the difficulties in reading the board, the difficulties in selecting the answers and the application’s disconnections because of the connection timeouts. The teacher, however, displayed positive opinions about the Kahoot! application.

Keywords: Kahoot!, Online Assessment and Evaluation, Social Sciences