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Investigation of Middle School Students Attitudes Towards Robotic Coding According to Different Variables

Agah Tugrul KORUCU, Hüsniye BİCER Download Article PDF

In this study, the purpose of which was to examine the attitudes of middle school students towards robotic coding, the attitudes of students towards robotic coding were discussed in terms of different variables. The research group consists of 120 secondary school students studying in the 7th and 8th grades of public schools in the central district of Konya. In this research, quantitative research method was adopted and scanning model was used. “Demographic data form” and “Robotic Attitude Scale”, which was adapted by Şişman and Küçük (2018), were used to collect the data. Cronbach alpha coefficient of this 5-point likert type scale consisting of 24 items and four factors was determined as α = .932. The research data obtained were analyzed with the SPSS 22.0 statistics program and it was seen that the attitudes of middle school students towards robotic coding differ according to their classes and technology usage time. In addition, there is no difference between attitudes towards robotic coding according to gender and daily internet usage hours.

Keywords: Robotic Coding, attitude, middle school