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Investigation of Post-Graduate Students Attitudes Towards Mobile Learning and Opinions on Mobile Learning

Agah Tugrul KORUCU, Husniye BİCER Download Article PDF

It is thought that it is important to determine the attitudes of the postgraduate students we can see as academicians of the future in terms of making education activities by mobile devices quality and effective learning activities. The purpose of this study is determining the postgraduate Students' opinions about the mobile learning and attitudes about mobıle learnıng. The mixed research model was adopted in this study. The research was carried out in Konya Necmettin Erbakan University, Ahmet Kelesoglu Education Faculties with 30 students studying in different departments in 2016-2017 academic year. İn the result it is reached that Postgraduate Students' attitudes about mobile learning doesn't change according to their gender status, age groups, education status and daily İnternet using but change according to mobile device ownership status. Also, Qualitative findings were positive opinions in the use of mobile technologies in education, mobile technologies benefit teachers and students, the effects of mobile technology on attitude and motivation, future of mobile technology education headings. There are very few negative opinions in these headings. "Which is the best lesson for using mobile technology?" The answer to this question has often been defined as science, information technology and social science.

Keywords: Mobile Learning, attitudes, opinion, postgraduate Students