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Need Analysis of Audio-Visual Media Development to Teach Digestive System for Elementary School

Stevi STEVİ, Haryanto HARYANTO Download Article PDF

The purpose of this study is to obtain 1) an overview of the current situation of the use of instructional media as a learning source in science teaching process in elementary school in Surakarta, 2) the perception and challenges faced by primary school teachers in Surakarta in delivering of the digestive system subject matter, 3) the formulation of learning media needs to be developed in science teaching on the digestive system materials. This study is conducted to teachers and students in elementary schools around Surakarta in even semester of 2018/2019 academic year aimed to understand their accessibility potential by knowledge, types of media used, and to state their perceptions to adopt media in classroom. The results which are analyzed by using descriptive qualitative approach indicated that 1) the current use of instructional media as a source of teaching in science learning process has not been carried out optimally. There are challenges in the delivery of material, primarily abstract and conceptual materials, 2) the subject of digestive system is challenging since the teacher needs a media to visualize the process and explain it in detail and correctly so that students do not have misconceptions about the process of digestive system, and 3) there is a need for learning media to be developed in learning digestive system material, especially in the form of audiovisual media. This result can be a consideration in developing science learning media for elementary school.

Keywords: Need analysis, media, audiovisual, digestive system