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Prospective Teachers’ Self-Efficacy Perceptions of Teaching as A Profession

Metin ASCİ, Temel TOPAL Download Article PDF

Teachers' competencies in the role of the main actor of the teaching process, which constitutes the most valuable investment in human beings, which is the size of the education service carried out in schools, are critical for the efficiency of this process. The search for new qualities and standards created by other occurrences occurring in the world, especially globalization, is reflected in the education process as in every field. The competition environment and the aim of not to be excluded from the change made it compulsory to evaluate and improve the training and teacher competencies as the driving force of this process. In this study, it is aimed to determine the self-efficacy perceptions of teacher candidates about the teaching profession. As the universe of research, Giresun University Faculty of Education primary education social studies, mathematics and science teaching departments were determined. In the 2017-2018 spring semester, 1024 pre-service teachers are studying in the related departments. The sample size was determined as 280 according to 95 % confidence level and 5 % margin of error and a total of 285 teacher candidates were reached. The results of this research, which aims to determine the self-efficacy perceptions of prospective teachers, show that the self-efficacy perceptions of teacher candidates are at a good level. It is concluded that there is a significant difference in the self-efficacy perceptions of the students who are in the department of social studies teaching.

Keywords: Teacher Candidate, Self-Efficacy Perception, Teaching Profession