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Robotic Coding Education of Middle School Students Cognitive Skills Awareness and Its Effect on Responsibility for Learning: Abilix Krypton 7 Example

Şerife GÜRKEZ, AGAH KORUCU Download Article PDF

The aim of this study is to examine the effect of robotic coding education on cognitive skills awareness and learning responsibilities. The training prepared in this process was designed and implemented by subject experts. The training has been organized as 4 hours a week to last 4 weeks. In this study, both quantitative and qualitative research methods used as a mixed method were used as a research model. Explanatory Sequential Pattern is used. In this study, quantitative research method and "Pretest - Posttest Control Group Semi-Experimental Pattern Model" was used as the research model. As a result of the applications, a statistically significant difference was found between the values of students' metacognitive awareness and learning responsibilities before and after education (p <0.05). The eta squared value was examined to determine the effect size of the robotic coding environment on the total of Academic Achievement, Metacognitive Awareness Scale for Children (MCS-C) and Responsibility for Learning Scale. It can be said that the robotic coding environment has a “large” effect size on Academic Achievement, Metacognitive Awareness for Children and Responsibilities for Learning.