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The Effect of Creative Drama on Student Success and Speaking Skill in Foreign Language Teaching

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This study is conducted to research the effect of creative drama on the student success and speaking skill in foreign language teaching. The study is realized with 20 students, 13 of whom are girls and 10 of whom are boys, who are attending to 9th and 11th grade of Muğla Anatolian High School between 2011 and 2013. Quasi Experimental Pattern, which is one of the quantitative research models, is used due to the lack of a control group during the data collection process. In addition to this, an empirical evaluation without a statistical measurement is done in the Elective English classes, where a more standard way of employing lesson is preferred. During the study, totally 9 workshops, each of which last 120 minutes and have a different theme are carried out. Both quantitative and qualitative data collection tools and techniques are benefited. As quantitative data, pre-test and post-test are used and as qualitative data, observation forms based on the visuals handed down, personal opinion letters and the observation of the researcher are utilized. Whether the obtained pre-test and post-test success scores show a normal distribution is tried to be measured since the number of participant group is less. Rather than a normal t-test, Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test is preferred for this measurement. All the obtained quantitative data is analyzed via SPSS program. Finally, when all the measurement tools and personal opinion letters reflecting participant group’s views are taken into consideration, it is observed that the creative drama method which is applied throughout the process has shown a positive influence on foreign language.

Keywords: Creative drama in education, success and speaking skill