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The Examination of Teachers Digital Burnout Level

Sabri SİDEKLİ, Sedat ALTINTAŞ, Güler GÖÇEN KABARAN Download Article PDF

Burnout means losing power, the case of not making an effort. Burnout is generally seen as emotional burnout and desensitization syndrome, which is a result of working with people. People may have different burnout types in terms of physical and psychological cases. One of these burnout types is digital burnout, which has increased in informative era. Digital burnout is seen as a result of spending too much time for digital tools, and it causes stress, fatigue, desensitization, losing attention, physical and mental problems. Like all burnout employees, teachers may have physical, emotional and mental fatigue, and it can be said that this can negatively affect their teaching process and performances. The purpose of this study is to determine teachers’ digital burnout level and to analyze it in terms of different variables. This study is designed as descriptive survey model which is one of the quantitative research models. As for research aim, 811 teachers who have been working in different public and private schools in different cities of Turkey are counted in this study. As for data collection instrument, in this study, “Digital Burnout Scale” that was developed by Erten and Özdemir was used in order to collect data. According to the results in Digital Burnout Scale and its sub-dimensions, it was determined that the teachers’ digital burnout and digital deprivation levels were in medium level, their digital aging and emotional exhaustion levels were in high level.

Keywords: Burnout, digital burnout, teachers, Covid-19, distance education