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The Opinions of Classroom Teachers on Remedial Training of Students Who Have Been Out of Education Process During the Covid-19 Pandemics

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This study aims to examine the opinions of classroom teachers about the make-up education of students who were out of education process during the covid-19 pandemics. The holistic single case pattern was adopted in the study. Personal information form and semi-structured interview form were used as the tools for data collection. The work group of this study consists of 11 teachers assigned as classroom teachers. Descriptive and content analysis techniques were applied for the analysis of the data, and the data were analysed and examined in the MAXQDA program. When the results obtained from the study are examined, teachers stated that the attendance rates for the classes were low and that there were students who could not attend the lesson constantly and frequently in the distance education process. In order to increase attendance to class, teachers stated that they used methods such as utilization of the zoom application, making efforts for the provision of donations of the PCs and tablets, and ensuring communication and giving homework assignments via whatsapp. Regarding students who cannot attend the class, problems such as lack of technological equipment, low level of motivation, parents going to work at the same time period, financial difficulties, family problems and irresponsibility of parents were stated besides the literacy problems for the foreign students. Regarding the practices applied, teachers stated that they carried out practices such as sending videos, sharing homework on WhatsApp, trying to provide motivation, making family visits, informing parents about the condition, providing private lessons for free, and offering gifts. Regarding the make-up education, the teachers presented solutions such as repetition of the course, conducting study sessions, offering copies of the texts, face-to-face education and offering rewards, etc. Regarding the possible suggestions, they state that there is a need to strengthen the technological infrastructure, to provide teachers training on web 2 tools, on the effective use of EBA, to develop cooperation with the parents/families, and to take the views of the students and the school administration regarding the pandemic process.