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ITEJ Journal is 6 years old

International Technology and Education Journal (ITEJ) is 6 years old! We are proud to let you know that ITEJ includes many high quality articles from all around the world. The authors from many countries such as Indonesia, USA, Lithuania, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Turkey, Swaziland, South Africa, China and India have contributed so far.

International Technology and Education Journal (ITEJ) has been publishing since 2017. With the ISSN number 2602-2885 ITEJ is an international published journal. By taking technology at the fore-front ITEJ focused on the use of technology at educational dimensions.

ITEJ does not charge any fee to publish studies. You can publish your studies in the field of technology and education through submitting to ITEJ.

2021 Impact factor of ITEJ Journal is 1.33.

Current Issue (Vol 6, No 1)